Frequently asked questions

What is trash valet service?

Trash Valet service has become the standard amenity for multifamily communities across the country.  Bagged trash is collected from the pre-positioned bins outside the residents’ front door 5-nights and 7-nights a week.

How much will this cost us as a community to offer your service as an amenity?

Absolutely nothing!  The residents will pay our service fee with their monthly rent payment.  This amenity will increase your net operating income for your community and will increase your resident retention.

How do we get started?

Email us and a representative will assist in having one our site specialists contact you about a customized service based off of your property specifications.

What about a resident who says that they will not benefit from the service?

Everyone benefits from the service!  Our trash valet service eliminates the storing of trash by their neighbors in the breezeways, and balconies especially during the seasons of unpleasant weather. Having the trash collected regularly reduces unwanted smells and the potential for pests and rodents.

Are we guaranteed that the trash will be picked up?

Yes! Our trash porters check-in with their regional manager every night before pickup to avoid any miscommunications or missed nights. Our valets also double check each unit to ensure that all the bins have had the trash collected.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call (832)985-1580 or send us a message. We aim to provide the best service possible.
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